who ıs hasan ferdi turgutlu?

Hasan Ferdi Turgutlu was born in Turgutlu which is a district of Manisa city whose old name was Kasaba. His father Ömer Efendi was working as a collector officer in Kasaba. His mother Hatice Hayriye Hanım was a housewife. He settled in İzmir with his family at tender age. He completed primary and secondary educations in Izmir. His birthplace is still standing in Bülbül Street of İstiklal Quarter.

Despite being in Izmir, family never came off from Turgutlu. Their surname which named Kasaba has changed with the change of district’s name as Turgutlu.

His family went into business by opening a grocery store in İzmir and at the same time they was engaged in farming. Following years, with business promotion while he was merchandising cotton and grape in İzmir Stock Market, he started his construction business. Until 1995 he construct several buildings in İzmir.

After 2000, by the encouragement of Mayor Serhat Orhan, he decided to investigate in education and health foundations. He did the construction of Turgutlu Public Hospital, four primary schools in different regions, Turgutlu Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. Lastly he completed the construction of the campus of Hasan Ferdi Turgutlu Faculty of Technology.

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