about the programme

Mechatronics can be defined as a new interdisciplinary engineering philosophy that perceives fields of science including primarily mechanical and also electrical, electronics and computer in an integrity to meet technological demands and provide solutions to individual problems. Systems integration and design, power electronics, motion and noise control, automotive, manufacturing applications, automation, and especially robotics applications, textiles, micro-elements, optoelectronic systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems etc. are among the field of mechatronics applications.

The aim of mechatronics engineering education is to graduate well equipped engineers who are capable of developing modern and smart products by using future technology on basic engineering disciplines. Utilizing Computer Aided Design tools in engineering design and analysisin conjunction with providing students to face with complex design and implementation issues by means of applying realistic engineering problems in laboratory environment are included within the specifications of Mechatronics Engineering program.

Students graduated from Mechatronics Engineering Department are going to be individuals who can freely switch between main engineering branches (mechanical, electrical, and computer science) and solve problems they faced during their working lives with the best approach by selecting and using convenient technologies. By receiving a degree in Mechatronics Engineering, students will have possible job opportunities in high-tech firms, in research and development laboratories, in research centers which use and develop advanced automation equipment, in automation oriented, electro-mechanical design and manufacture processes of industry or in academic institutions. They can optionally do master’s and doctorate after undergraduate education, and can be a research assistant or have an academic career.

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