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Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering integrates highly diverse. Exciting technologies and disciplines, such as design, robotics, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), manufacturing systems and control, and green manufacturing, into a comprehensive educational program. If a new product or system is needed, it is the mechanical and manufacturing engineer who will work on the team to design and produce it efficiently, economically, safely, and in an environmentally beign manner.

The present shortage of qualified mechanical and manufacturing engineers the need is increasing. It is also estimated that 10,000 new jobs are created in mechanical and manufacturing engineering every year in our country. Industrial productivity and technological innovations are driving this demand. Consequently, mechanical and manufacturing engineers are in high demand in Turkey industries and throughout the world.

Our mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology program prepares students to meet the demand for personnel well-versed in the new manufacturing technologies, which include computer-aided design, computer numerical control, microprocessor controls, robotics, computer-aided manufacturing, flexible manufacturing systems, assembly automation, computer-integrated manufacturing and electronics manufacturing.

The goal of the our mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology program is to prepare individuals for professional employment in the fields of product design, development, and manufacturing. The program is designed to provide the skills necessary for applying emerging manufacturing technologies. A workplace internships education program enhances these skills by allowing students to gain valuable experience working in the manufacturing industries. Throughout the academic program, a significant amount of hands-on laboratory experience in manufacturing is provided.

Mechanical and manufacturing engineers have a high level of technical expertise and skill, which they use to plan, design, set up, modify, optimize and monitor manufacturing processes. Since the basic principles of mechanical and manufacturing engineering apply to all industries they can work in numerous sectors including textile, aircraft, automotive, white goods, iron and steel, information technology, food and drink, oil, plastics and pharmaceuticals industrials. Mechanical and manufacturing engineers are designers, as well as analytical and creative thinkers. They can operate on their own initiative but also contribute as a team member working with engineers from various disciplines.

Typical work activities:

Designing new systems and processes for the introduction of new products or for the improvement of existing ones;

Working with other engineers, such as chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, to ensure all product and system requirements are taken into account from the initial product conception to the finished result;

Examining and tendering for new equipment to ensure the highest quality at the best price;

Supervising sub-contractors and ensuring effective communication in order to avoid errors;

Keeping up to date with current and developing trends in the manufacturing industry, at a national and international level.


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