Industrial Design Engineering program aims to integrate engineering and design skills to provide a strong skill base to candidates for product development projects.

Turgutlu municipality and her neighboring areas are industrializing on a rapid pace and the industrialization process depends on technological investments on par with the demands of the global development. In this industrialization process it is important to not only to mechanize the process but also to develop an efficient and just-in-time production process while completely satisfying the requirements of the customers. Industrial Design Engineering is the best major to achieve these objectives. In light of this the Institute of Technology of our university has launched its own Industrial Design Engineering program.

The man objective of this program is to train Industrial Design Engineers who can; keep up with the scientific and technological developments in industrial engineering field both locally and globally, identify the problems in their corresponding fields and creating solutions for these problems, improve themselves on their research & development and problem solving skills and who are disciplined, resolved, eligible to work in multidisciplinary environments and willing to commit in team work.

Industrial Design Engineers are specialists who are capable of doing multi-disciplinary tasks and projects and who can handle and integrate technology, production, marketing, customer relations, aesthetic and ergonomics to create new designs, concepts, products and solutions. Successful candidates will not only develop skills to analyze, solve and design for industrial products but also will develop skills to see the correlation between shapes, transforming a 2-D concept to a 3-D design and successfully implementing imaginary concepts that are yet to be solidly designed. Graduates of this program will also develop themselves to be creative, progressive individuals with a taste of fine arts.

The employment opportunities for graduates from Industrial Design Engineering program is vast. The core business that graduates can be employed is the businesses where product development and industrial production is in progress. Vast employment opportunities are present in the fields of; Automotive OEMs and Automotive parts suppliers, Aerospace and ship building industries, furbishing industries, textile industry, industrial machinery sector, defense industry, biomedical and medical equipment industry, mass transportation vehicles production industry, plastic injection molding industry and quality control fields.

Industrial Design Engineering Department will apply Higher Education Council to accept their first students in following academic years.


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